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IXICore.PendingTransactions Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static void addPendingLocalTransaction (Transaction t)
static long pendingTransactionCount ()
static IxiNumber getPendingSendingTransactionsAmount (byte[] primary_address)
static void remove (string txid)
static void increaseReceivedCount (string txid)

Static Public Attributes

static List< object[]> pendingTransactions = new List<object[]>()

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

◆ addPendingLocalTransaction()

static void IXICore.PendingTransactions.addPendingLocalTransaction ( Transaction  t)

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◆ getPendingSendingTransactionsAmount()

static IxiNumber IXICore.PendingTransactions.getPendingSendingTransactionsAmount ( byte []  primary_address)

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◆ increaseReceivedCount()

static void IXICore.PendingTransactions.increaseReceivedCount ( string  txid)

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◆ pendingTransactionCount()

static long IXICore.PendingTransactions.pendingTransactionCount ( )

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◆ remove()

static void IXICore.PendingTransactions.remove ( string  txid)

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Member Data Documentation

◆ pendingTransactions

List<object[]> IXICore.PendingTransactions.pendingTransactions = new List<object[]>()

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