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IXICore.Utils.BitReader Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 BitReader (byte[] data, int bitCount)
 BitReader (BitArray array)
bool Read ()
uint ReadUInt (int bitCount)
BitArray ToBitArray ()
BitWriter ToWriter ()
void Consume (int count)
bool Same (BitReader b)
override string ToString ()


int Position [get, set]
int Count [get]

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BitReader() [1/2]

IXICore.Utils.BitReader.BitReader ( byte []  data,
int  bitCount 

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◆ BitReader() [2/2]

IXICore.Utils.BitReader.BitReader ( BitArray  array)

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Member Function Documentation

◆ Consume()

void IXICore.Utils.BitReader.Consume ( int  count)

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◆ Read()

bool IXICore.Utils.BitReader.Read ( )

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◆ ReadUInt()

uint IXICore.Utils.BitReader.ReadUInt ( int  bitCount)

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◆ Same()

bool IXICore.Utils.BitReader.Same ( BitReader  b)

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◆ ToBitArray()

BitArray IXICore.Utils.BitReader.ToBitArray ( )

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◆ ToString()

override string IXICore.Utils.BitReader.ToString ( )

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◆ ToWriter()

BitWriter IXICore.Utils.BitReader.ToWriter ( )

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Property Documentation

◆ Count

int IXICore.Utils.BitReader.Count

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◆ Position

int IXICore.Utils.BitReader.Position

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