Ixian SDK
IXICore.CryptoKey Namespace Reference


class  AsnKeyParser
class  AsnParser
class  BigInteger
class  KeyDerivation
 Class is able to deterministically generate child RSA keys from a pool of random data. Note: Please do not put this into production until a crypto-expert takes a look at it. This falls under the heading "Roll your own crypto". The problem is that C# and Java (android) - and possibly iOS - implementations do not provide a way to do this. In some cases it's possible to substitute the random generator for something like Sha512/t digest, but the core RSA generation algorithm is implemented differently. That means generating RSA keys from the same starting point would yield different results on different platforms. Furthermore, implementations may change in the future, which would break all key derivation. I see no other way than to implement this ourselves, so that we have control over when we change it and appropriately handle legacy cases. More...