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Ixian was tested on macOS 10.13 High Sierra and 10.14 Mojave

Installing an Ixian DLT Node on macOS


Additional requirements

Install required software

  1. Install a recent Mono release for macOS by following the guide here: Mono Installation Guide. If you do not intend to edit the Ixian source code, you can choose the Stable channel.

  2. Install git from the Git Download page

  3. Prepare a directory for the Ixian Project. The commands should be executed in the Terminal:
    mkdir ~/Ixian
    cd ~/Ixian
  4. Acquire the latest Ixian sources from github. Two repositories are required to build a DLT Master node:
    git clone -b master https://github.com/ProjectIxian/Ixian-Core.git
    git clone -b master https://github.com/ProjectIxian/Ixian-DLT.git

    The directory structure should look like this:

  5. Switch into the Ixian-DLT directory and download the required NuGet packages:
    cd Ixian-DLT
    nuget restore DLTNode.sln
  6. Compile the DLT Node executable in the ‘Release Configuration’:
    msbuild DLTNode.sln /p:Configuration=Release
  7. Ixian DLT Node requires the Argon2 library to function. In order to build one for your system, follow these steps: ..a. Obtain the Argon2 source code from github:
    cd ~/Ixian
    git clone https://github.com/P-H-C/phc-winner-argon2.git

    ..b. Compile the Argon2 source:

    cd phc-winner-argon2

    ..c. Copy the resulting Argon2 library to the IxianDLT folder. Please note that the file should be renamed to ‘libargon2.so’:

    cp libargon2.so.1 ~/Ixian/Ixian-DLT/IxianDLT/bin/Release/libargon2.so
  8. Switch to the Ixian binaries folder:
    cd ~/Ixian/Ixian-DLT/IxianDLT/bin/Release
  9. (Optional) Download and unpack the bootstrap data files to enable faster synchronization:
    cd ~/Ixian/Ixian-DLT/IxianDLT/bin/Release
    curl https://www.ixian.io/data1to300k.zip -o data1to300k.zip
    unzip data1to300k.zip
    rm data1to300k.zip
    curl https://www.ixian.io/data300kto600k.zip -o data300kto600k.zip
    unzip data300kto600k.zip
    rm data300kto600k.zip
    curl https://www.ixian.io/data600kto700k.zip -o data600kto700k.zip
    unzip data600kto700k.zip
    rm data600kto700k.zip
    curl https://www.ixian.io/data700kto800k.zip -o data700kto800k.zip
    unzip data700kto800k.zip
    rm data700kto800k.zip
    curl https://www.ixian.io/data800kto850k.zip -o data800kto850k.zip
    unzip data800kto850k.zip
    rm data800kto850k.zip
    curl https://www.ixian.io/data850kto900k.zip -o data850kto900k.zip
    unzip data850kto900k.zip
    rm data850kto900k.zip
    curl https://www.ixian.io/data900kto950k.zip -o data900kto950k.zip
    unzip data900kto950k.zip
    rm data900kto950k.zip

The Ixian DLT node is now ready to start.

Running the software

Switch to the Ixian DLT binaries folder and issue the command to start the IxianDLT software:

mono IxianDLT.exe

The output should look like this:

Ixian Console Output

Creating a wallet

If this is the first time that you’re starting Ixian DLT, a new wallet will be generated for you. You have to set your new wallet’s password to proceed. This password will be used to encrypt the ixian.wal wallet file and will be required every time you start the Ixian DLT node.

It is recommended to periodically copy the wallet to a safe location, preferably on an offline media (USB Key), or a different machine. The file is encrypted using AES256. The wallet file is called ixian.wal.

Verifying the status of the DLT Node

While the node is running, it will display a logo and some basic information in the command window. Please do not close this window, as closing it will cause the DLT Node to shut down.

Ixian Run Information

When the Ixian DLT Node first starts, the status text will display synchronizing while the software is retrieving the required information from the DLT network. When this process has been completed, the status text will change to active.

If the DLT Node is shut down and later restarted, it will have to synchronize again, but since most of the data will already be stored on the local disk, the synchronization phase will be much shorter.

Using your Ixian wallet

In order to interact with the running DLT Node and use the built-in wallet software, open a web browser and navigate to http://localhost:8081.

If you have configured a different API Port, then change the port number in the link like so: http://localhost:PORT_NUMBER.

The Ixian built-in Wallet looks like this:

Ixian Built-In Wallet

Changing the settings

Ixian DLT Node settings are provided on the command line when starting the IxianDLT executable. The most important parameters are:

If you need to run the DLT Node with different settings, it can be tedious to type them out every time you wish to start the software. It is recommended to create a shell script (.sh) with the options already set. To do this, follow the guide below:

  1. Switch to the unpacked Ixian DLT folder. If you have followed the above instructions for building, the command should be cd ~/Ixian/Ixian-DLT/IxianDLT/bin/Release.
  2. Create a new script using your preferred text editor. This example uses nano: nano StartIxian.sh.
  3. Type or paste the IxianDLT command into the file. You may use the command below, which includes the most common options, as the starting point. IxianDLT.exe -p 10234 -a 8081 --threads 2
  4. Save the file and quit the editor. For nano, the command is Ctrl-X, then Y.
  5. Make the script file executable: chmod u+x StartXian.sh.
  6. Use the new “StartIxian.sh” file to start the DLT Node with the specified options ./StartIxian.sh.

Upgrading the DLT Node software

When a new version is released, you can upgrade the software using the following checklist:

  1. Save the ixian wallet file: cp ~/Ixian/Ixian-DLT/IxianDLT/bin/Release/ixian.wal ~/ixian.wal.backup.
  2. Shutdown the Ixian DLT Node.
  3. Switch to the Ixian-Core directory: cd ~/Ixian/Ixian-Core.
  4. Update the sources to the latest version: git pull.
  5. Switch to the Ixian-DLT directory: cd ~/Ixian/Ixian-DLT.
  6. Update the sources to the latest version: git pull.
  7. Update nuget packages: nuget restore DLTNode.sln.
  8. Compile the new sources: msbuild DLTNode.sln /p:Configuration=Release.
  9. Start the Ixian DLT Node again. The node will use the existing wallet file and downloaded data, so it will not need to generate a new wallet or synchronize again.

Note: It is recommended to backup the wallet file ixian.wal before performing any upgrade or changing any settings on the command line.

Configuration file

See DLT Node Configuration options for details.

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