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API Documentation

Find all the information that is needed for seamless integration with Ixian.

Ixian uses HTTP GET or POST requests (default port 8081 for DLT mainnet, 8181 for DLT testnet, 8001 for S2 mainnet and 8101 for S2 testnet) for communication with the API and always responds with a JSON response in the body of the HTTP response.

The response looks generally like this:

    "id": [currently unused],
    "result": [object],
    "error": {
        "code": [integer],
        "message": [string]

All three fields are optional, but either "result" or "error" will always be present. The structure of the "result" field is dependent on the type of query - please see specific API commands for details.

Ixian Core Generic API Commands

Add MultiSig Key
Add MultiSig Transaction
Add MultiSig TX Signature
Add Transaction
Get Block Height
Calculate Transaction Fee
Change MultiSig Required Signatures
Create Raw Transaction
Decode Raw Transaction
Delete MultiSig Key
Generate New Address
Get Activity
Get Total Balance
Get Wallet Backup
My Public Key
My Wallet
Send Raw Transaction
Sign Raw Transaction
Validate Address

Ixian DLT Specific API Commands

Applied Transaction List
Count Node Versions
Get Balance
Get Best Block Hash
Get Block
Get Block Count
Get Full Block
Get Last Blocks
Get Mining Block
Get Transaction
Get Unspent Transaction Outputs Stats
Get Wallet
Get Wallet List
Miner Stats
Presence List
Rescan Blockchain
Set Block Selection Algorithm
Submit Mining Solution
Transaction List
Unapplied Transaction List
Verify Mining Solution

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