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Decode Raw Transaction

This is a convenience function which converts a hex-encoded transaction from its raw format into a JSON object, so that it may be parsed or analyzed.

Note: This method accepts both a signed or an unsigned raw transaction and will return the appropriate fields in the JSON object.

Method: decoderawtransaction

Input parameters:

Parameter Type Required Description
transaction string Yes The encoded transaction, as returned by Create Raw Transaction



Error Description
RPC_INVALID_PARAMETER The transaction parameter is missing or does not represent a valid transaction object.


GET http://localhost:8081/decoderawtransaction?transaction=0300000…0ad2a25212b003ef0259697760e0

  "result": {
    "id": "13-jbFyKmVfFtV86rjMnbxrmYuUzn3D7T3s6hZU1HfzbjPMT2A4jHhkR56CLsER",
    "version": 3,
    "blockHeight": "13",
    "nonce": "7535",
    "pubKey": "3zzdr4iT48AbaVudpGjZQi22fGiz4XupTfweGiiFjGNVVqfx6h4M2CF9H6bKjqTjj",
    "timestamp": "1551519157",
    "type": "0",
    "amount": "10000.00000000",
    "applied": "0",
    "checksum": "2d8368037d16aba9b650f3fd5a61a937505a1b43a6989d7ba500e72d7f60d0a2988fc5c5afe997015b8529ec",
    "from": {
      "1": "10000.00005000"
    "to": {
      "5EVv1FqciHzJtPQbA8kBTaPzdSCzLVJ2X6oBTFA198au1qjoML6TjYz75h8w2QUv1": "10000.00000000"
    "fee": "0.00005000",
    "totalAmount": "10000.00005000"
  "error": null,
  "id": null

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