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Create Raw Transaction

Generates a new IXI transaction, but doesn’t add it to the Transaction Pool. This enables manual TX fee calculations and features such as offline transactions.

Note: If you do not specify from, the required funds and fee will be deducted from the node’s addresses (the order is unspecified). Multiple addresses may be used if the first one chosen does not have sufficient funds. If you do specify from, it will not include any transaction fees. It is up to the caller of this API to examine the returned Transaction object and add the fee in the from list. This allows greater flexibility than autofee or not specifying the from list.
Note: The transaction can be returned in a raw (binary) form, encoded as a hexadecimal string. In order to convert it into a JSON object, use the API call Decode Raw Transaction, or supply the parameter json when creating the raw transaction. Note: The returned transaction is not signed.

Note: If using the primaryAddress parameter, the chosen address (public key) must be a valid signer for all addresses in the from list. This is the case if all the from addresses were derived from primaryAddress via the generatenewaddress API.

Method: createrawtransaction

Input parameters:

Parameter Type Required Description
to String Yes List of Base58 encoded recipient addresses with their amounts. Amounts are separated by ‘_’ character. Addresses are separated by ‘-‘ character (i.e. address1_amount1-address2_amount2)
from String No List of Base58 encoded sending addresses with their amounts. Amounts are separated by ‘_’ character. Addresses are separated by ‘-‘ character (i.e. address1_amount1-address2_amount2). All addresses must belong to the same private key. If no from parameter is specified, it will be automatically generated, where the addresses with least IxiCash will be spent first.
primaryAddress String No Specify if the node is using a wallet with multiple keypairs in order to select the keypair (public key) which will be used to sign the transaction. The chosen primary address must be a valid signer for all addresses listed in the from field.
fee Number No Transaction fee, specified in IxiCash per kB. If no fee parameter is specified, the default (which is also the minimum) 0.00005 IxiCash per kB will be used.
autofee Boolean No If specified, the system will automatically deduct the required fee from the first address given in from. This parameter is not required if you have included the appropriate fees somewhere in the from list, or are not specifying the from list at all.
json Boolean No If specified, the transaction will be returned as a JSON transaction object and not encoded as a hexstring.



Error Description
RPC_INVALID_ADDRESS_OR_KEY Addresses specified in the from parameter does not belong to this node, or an invalid to address was specified.
RPC_INVALID_PARAMS Invalid from amounts, or invalid to amounts were specified.
RPC_VERIFY_ERROR The transaction does not pass verification - this usually means that no usable from addresses were present, or there was something wrong with the signing key.
RPC_WALLET_INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS Address or addresses specified have insufficient balance to be used for the transaction.
RPC_TRANSACTION_ERROR An error occured while adding the transaction, check the message and log file for details.
RPC_INTERNAL_ERROR An unexpected error occured within the node. Please see the node log for details.


GET http://localhost:8081/createrawtransaction?from=1JKZFqQs4yiH6Dq4bfom7xcpL6zG53DrjcY6HD9QJ6cRWmXdq_10000-1PC5kubyLvTmsf16CugqHpBG8B8PK4YjcfSjjLMqbUi8YvkQ_5000&to=153xXfVi1sznPcRqJur8tutgrZecNVYGSzetp47bQvRfNuDix_15000

	"result": "0300000...0ad2a25212b003ef0259697760e0",
	"error": null,
	"id": null

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