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Get Transaction

Returns the information about a specified transaction.

Method: gettransaction

Input parameters:

Parameter Type Required Description
id String Yes Transaction id of the transaction to retrieve


Error Description
RPC_INVALID_PARAMETER The specified transaction id was invalid.
RPC_INTERNAL_ERROR An unknown error occured while fetching the transaction details.



GET http://localhost:8081/gettransaction?id=1-7on93B4WDRguRpaB22osfJV9EPs24pyJWgTkKpNrLV5p

	"result": { 
		"id": "stk-44-49-4Eywy3ngSxpvVbXTKopcuXe1xetoR4ALAsmfCBFiMtvd",
		"version": 1,
		"blockHeight": "49",
		"nonce": "0",
		"signature": "5374616b65",
		"pubKey": "1ixianinfinimine234234234234234234234234234242HP",
		"data": "2c00000000000000",
		"timeStamp": "1548940147",
		"type": "2",
		"amount": "0.20002000",
		"applied": "0",
		"checksum": "36781655c23b509f85e46513608ba359b849795580344c5340c778c51e466fd1",
		"from": {
			"1": "0.20002000"
		"to": {
			"15iYQBgVhq4JeY3TUfNaMBNFkz27UCQWFjjay14C4b3EuHofG": "0.10003000",
			"19V9VYuGfqoGjRbGZgcF8XNrAeb5REF8gCZKhp7ZsNX3rG8VZ": "0.00010001",
			"1JKZFqQs4yiH6Dq4bfom7xcpL6zG53DrjcY6HD9QJ6cRWmXdq": "0.09988999"
		"fee": "0.00000000"
	"error": null,
	"id": null

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