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Get Last Blocks

Returns the last 10 blocks as JSON objects.

Method: getlastblocks

Input parameters:



Error Description
RPC_INTERNAL_ERROR An unknown error occured while fetching one or more of the blocks.



GET http://localhost:8081/getlastblocks

	"result": [
			"Block Number": "71",
			"Version": "2",
			"Block Checksum": "90330a25935159c8048aad049578216379e6bfaa7c85a0e29799c648fc673653",
			"Last Block Checksum": "999ae1525a69e1e076b21c411aae20e1d2ffaae4660abfa9321b488010ae4250",
			"Wallet State Checksum": "2c50b13f2d34fe6bb88cf4401ccbf11381823b78a330a1bd32ed00142297394a",
			"Sig freeze Checksum": "5e16b955a50957271f36af1cab5dffde430559580f10e458366812b99d47a8df",
			"PoW field": "null",
			"Timestamp": "1548940839",
			"Difficulty": "11730489520294945089",
			"Signature count": "3",
			"Transaction count": "1",
			"Transaction amount": "0.20002001",
			"TX IDs":"..."
	"error": null,
	"id": null

Note: the resulting block object is exactly the same as for the getblock method, except that this method currently does not support returning data as binary hexadecimal strings.

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