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Get Block

Returns specified block data, either as a JSON object or as a binary object converted into hexadecimal.

Method: getblock

Input parameters:

Parameter Type Required Description
num Number Yes Block number to retrieve.
bytes Boolean No If specified, the block data will be returned as a hexadecimal string.


Error Description
RPC_INVALID_PARAMETER The specified block number was invalid.
RPC_INTERNAL_ERROR An unexpected error occured within the node. Please see the node log for details.



GET http://localhost:8081/getblock?num=50

	"result": {
		"Block Number": "50",
		"Version": "2",
		"Block Checksum": "92efa8dc14175cddfbd31f41fad14a3e73cdc78298f74c322df1725a6aa189c1",
		"Last Block Checksum": "453848a354570441ceded657f229a9df07f653120636e80f5b18dba1fb288c6b",
		"Wallet State Checksum": "8906b11174faacc776930de40b41f230ad702212d900a04448702cdf10c5b2d0",
		"Sig freeze Checksum": "464c6a6e88db2aac2eb534312213adb528334a0e8eb98db8ab92196d0ec86811",
		"PoW field": "null",
		"Timestamp": "1548940147",
		"Difficulty": "11730489520294945089",
		"Signature count": "3",
		"Transaction count": "1",
		"Transaction amount": "0.20002000",
		"Signatures": "[
		"TX IDs": "[
	"error": null,
	"id": null

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