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Update Name Records

Update Name Records.

Method: updateNameRecord

Input parameters:

Parameter Type Required Description
name String Yes Name to be registered.
records[] Array Yes Array of records [ “key,TTL,data” ].
nextPkHash String No Next Public Key hash in HEX.
sigPk String No Signature Public Key hash in HEX.
sig String No Signature in HEX.


Error Description
RPC_INTERNAL_ERROR An unknown error occurred in the node. Please check the node log for details.



GET http://localhost:8081/updateNameRecord?name=test&records[]=abc,2,testData1&records[]=def,3,testData2&records[]=ghi,3,testData3

  "result": {
    "id": "12-uFz12W98ebdbtMg9egjP5p9f1zWgF3tkQ9YAbCB13LNE6WJmPUM59rDctZ1r",
    "version": 7,
    "blockHeight": "12",
    "nonce": "953806",
    "signature": "3b3faa9a726f0818fa1795be...865d7ff8701b28b059b39c4112cd2",
    "pubKey": "JHgSS7hbUNnYWsXgTbs2qz8mD...FmiMazymoYwi5i2EPPWjtyTRYRN",
    "data": "0241409be670f26e3a9d0fa3e...f34df22cd7fbb324",
    "timestamp": "1711936613",
    "type": "4",
    "amount": "0.00000000",
    "applied": "0",
    "checksum": "a0ba16873ebe68f2f1f319d9f199dbb453a53275aae5f4aad2fcbe0ae533e524cc1c2507498df1448af53599",
    "from": {
      "1": "0.01500000"
    "to": {
      "125D6XDzTZzQUWsyQZmQZmQZmQZmQZmQZmQZmQZmQZmQb8t25": "0.00000000"
    "fee": "0.01500000",
    "totalAmount": "0.01500000"
  "error": null,
  "id": null

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