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Presence List

Returns the presence list information.

Method: pl

Input parameters:



Error Description
RPC_INTERNAL_ERROR An unknown error occured in the node. Please check the node log for details.



GET http://localhost:8081/pl

			"version": 0,
			"wallet": "AK2U1C1+vRWrFdIzeFixcGl29ytd/QH142eb9s8pkzx3AMmA",
			"pubkey": "AAIAANl...zOr6aTXAs71VAwAAAAEAAQ==",
			"metadata": null,
			"addresses": [
					"version": 0,
					"device": "57e6814f-fc0f-4b12-ba28-674c18304f5d",
					"type": "M",
					"nodeVersion": "xdc-0.6.1a-dev",
					"lastSeenTime": 1548942000,
					"signature": "lQQe7...D85YgNao="
			"owner": " "
	"error": null,
	"id": null

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