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Get Wallet

Returns the information about a specified address/wallet.

Method: getwallet

Input parameters:

Parameter Type Required Description
id String Yes Wallet address to retrieve


Error Description
RPC_INTERNAL_ERROR An unknown error occured in the node. Please check the node log for details.

Note: Attempting to get the details of an invalid value will return empty data (no public key, balance = 0)



GET http://localhost:8081/getwallet?id=1HT1RvL3bujSsy3q4FR86Kfe8ixwdQVcGf27qcSryUFmV15d3

	"result": {
		"id": "1JKZFqQs4yiH6Dq4bfom7xcpL6zG53DrjcY6HD9QJ6cRWmXdq",
		"balance": "99880008.79095943",
		"type": "Normal",
		"requiredSigs": "1",
		"allowedSigners": "null",
		"extraData": "null",
		"publicKey": "00020000...3000000010001"
	"error": null,
	"id": null

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