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Debug only

Get Registered Names List

Returns registered names, capped to the first 50 entries. This function is primarily used when debugging or testing and has very little value in production use.

Method: regNameList

Input parameters:



Error Description
RPC_INTERNAL_ERROR An unknown error occurred in the node. Please check the node log for details.



GET http://localhost:8081/regNameList

  "result": [
      "name": "409be670f26e3a9d0fa3e4da555e334e7b5db53d6fd88e9e2e13d5b6a0f5e3ed2166b39cf6dce8e8282a30ae5e11bab9d92676d134fe5edff4c73235e2aec6b7c5",
      "capacity": "10",
      "expirationBlockHeight": "1728404",
      "updatedBlockHeight": "447",
      "allowSubnames": "False",
      "subnamePrice": "0.00000000",
      "subnameFeeRecipient": "null",
      "dataRecords": {},
      "dataMerkleRoot": "null",
      "recoveryHash": "01bec1923ea08fa066e56ba46557a9b5ecf3da82c484b7010d77a1650e7cdda12e4dd6fe9fbf004331aa46a645",
      "nextPkHash": "01bec1923ea08fa066e56ba46557a9b5ecf3da82c484b7010d77a1650e7cdda12e4dd6fe9fbf004331aa46a645",
      "signaturePk": "010000000000020000ec...fb682dabdcce76903000000010001",
      "signature": "10a7c0de5fb682d2838a...25146472a435e47b48edb5b23f5bd"
  "error": null,
  "id": null

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