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Get Activity

Retrieves the activity for the currently loaded wallet with optional filtering on type and paging support.

Method: activity

Input parameters:

Parameter Type Required Description
fromIndex Number No Starting index (used for splitting the results into pages).
count Number No Number of results to fetch. By itself, this parameter is useful for fetching only the recent history, but combined with fromIndex this parameters enables fetching results in pages.
type Number No Type of the activity to fetch as a number. See below.
orderBy String No Ordering method of requested data. Can be “insertedTimestamp”, “timestamp” or “blockheight”. Default is “insertedTimestamp”.
descending Boolean No Ordering direction of requested data, set to “true” for descending order. Default is ascending order.
wallet String No Base58 Primary Wallet address in case multiple wallets are being used.

Activity Types

Id Type Detail
100 TransactionReceived A transaction has been received. (Destination address belongs to the currently loaded wallet.
101 TransactionSent A transaction has been sent from the currently loaded wallet.
200 MiningReward A mining reward has been received by the currently loaded wallet.
201 StakingReward A staking reward has been received by the currently loaded wallet.
202 TxFeeReward A transaction fee reward has been received by the currently loaded wallet.
300 ContactRequest A contact request has been received.



Error Description
RPC_INTERNAL_ERROR An unknown error occurred in the node. Please check the node log for details.


GET http://localhost:8081/activity

  "result": [
      "seedHash": "Ab7Bkj6gj6Bm5WukZVeptezz2oLEhLcBDXehZQ583aEuTdb+n78AQzGqRqZFYZkO",
      "wallet": "4iMKArchGjmLsZFsj2tYrBgPjjypvEwquB2pnbEvYAyihSeEi1FN5XBsWru2iKDXK",
      "from": "1ixianinfinimine234234234234234234234234234242HP",
      "toList": "||4iMKArchGjmLsZFsj2tYrBgPjjypvEwquB2pnbEvYAyihSeEi1FN5XBsWru2iKDXK:/tkU||5DY8ZF2Y1xbB2n7V7c3z8pcAoLAsScAVAiZdcnqBPbLuGHiq9RWamn83hautJvEoy:ZEwj||4C62hPSVNHTXe4aMtgoFYZ3KVCNXmkCr7MmJRprWukvtUSWTsMsm6UaPLqmiVtnh1:7tI/||4L5vswa8yS9VKsZzDJ2ry9gWY7KQon5bkvhG1CUuepkwvcy1xQmLsHA9DPmCDbufr:mDW5AA==",
      "type": 201,
      "data": "APyudjHAmnhQfZitq5BY8vgA1PboOXgm10RmMaeGWaHiltRiQdXyrWoA4pE9OKTq",
      "value": "0.01366526",
      "timestamp": 1709254781,
      "status": 2,
      "blockHeight": 30383,
      "txid": "stk-30377-30382-HBEF6nRAb4qudWecJQnopZCfseUGYXp2KKVvpcbCNYZSAmqCTw4cpcqN7aN5",
      "id": "EvniSJUZje4PU46HAqybNoQpZ8mKrpUULcY6oniijR3XehRovo9TSw2fBBMG"
  "error": null,
  "id": null

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